GSP5212B (1개) 스피커스탠드

고급 스틸재질 스피커스탠드

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GSP5212B (1개) 스피커스탠드


고급 스틸재질 스피커스탠드

Product typeStands and Tripods
TypeSpeaker Stands
Tubing materialsteel
Tubing colourBlack
Tubing surfacepowder coated
Min height:1060 mm
Max height1920 mm
Transport length1050 mm
Height adjustmentClamp with safety pin
Material of height adjustmentsteel
Base typeLeg joint
Base materialdie-cast aluminium
Tubing diameter35 mm
Max. load50 kg
Interchangeable rings5 x 30 mm
Black ring pack includedyes
Weight4,7 kg


제품 상세설명

Gravity GSP 5212 B
Speaker Stand, 35 mm, Steel

묵직한 Steel 재질로 되어있는 고급스러운 스피커스탠드 입니다.

관절부위가 잘 부러지는 플라스틱 재질이 아닌 튼튼한 Steel 재질로 되어있어서 내구성이 강하고

세련된 디자인과 완벽한 설계로 완성도가 아주 좋은 스탠드입니다.

The GSP 5212 B is a classic tripod speaker stand made from thick walled, yet lightweight powder coated steel tubing with a load capacity of 50 kg and 192 cm maximum height.

The die cast aluminium leg collar has been completely redesigned to provide superior durability and longevity, the height adjustment collar is made of steel for additional strength and is virtually indestructable. It features a safety pin to securely lock the 35 mm diameter extension pole in place.

The ergonomic set screw knobs are made from high grade ABS with a soft touch, non-slip thermoplastic coating for comfortable operation.

A set of black coding rings is included with the GSP 5212 B, additional ring packs are available in a wide array of colors for instant personalization.